EUROCITIES on COP 21: Genoa’s Palazzo Verde

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Genoa’s Palazzo Verde informs and educates citizens about environmentally sustainable behaviour.

The Palazzo Verde opened its doors in 2012 as an environmental information and education centre. Its aim is to inform citizens about environmentally sustainable behaviour and encourage them to consider their own consumption patterns. This is done through an innovative exhibition which is divided into three sections: energy, waste, and communication and printing. Using new media, such as touch screen tables and videos, it encourages visitors to address complex concepts in an easy and intuitive way.

The Palazzo Verde is also home to the LabTer Green Point, a meeting place for stakeholders involved in environmental education. It offers a space to make new contacts and share ideas, and organizes conferences, workshops and training courses aimed at various groups.

By April 2014, the Palazzo Verde had reached 10,000 people through social media and other communications channels. It has helped connect citizens and companies and prompted new projects. One example is a group of citizens who have teamed up to buy and install solar panels. 


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