EUROCITIES on COP 21: Edinburgh’s Sustainable Development Partnership

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Edinburgh’s Sustainable Development Partnership is a cross-sectoral partnership that guides the city’s sustainable development.

The partnership was formed in February 2013 to provide strategic leadership and guidance for sustainable development in Edinburgh. It is made up of a variety of partners across different sectors, including public bodies, NGOs, business associations, universities and the community.

Members are currently working towards the ‘Sustainable Edinburgh 2020’ vision, which states that in 2020 Edinburgh will be ‘a low carbon, resource efficient city, delivering a resilient local economy and vibrant flourishing communities in a rich natural setting’.

The partnership will guide the city’s sustainable development by encouraging the sharing of good practices and knowledge, raising awareness and identifying aspects of city life that could benefit from stronger action around sustainability.

Members can set up sub-groups, of which there are currently three: Edible Edinburgh; the Edinburgh Biodiversity Partnership; and the Community Energy Hub. Currently, the partnership is focusing its efforts on sustainable energy, climate change adaptation, and sustainability indicators for the city.

Meetings are held four times a year and the partnership has no formal budget, so meeting rooms and refreshments are provided by members.

Find our more about the partnership on Edinburgh’s website here and read the CASCADE case study here.  



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