EUROCITIES mayors: Our society is built on respect and tolerance

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We, the mayors of Europe’s largest cities, representing 130 million people, believe in human solidarity, tolerance and understanding, and speak out against hate and racism.

Following January’s attacks in France, we express outrage at all acts of violence.

Europe’s cities are made up of a variety of different cultures, religions and beliefs. We want our citizens to celebrate this diversity and stand up for freedom of expression.

In the wake of the latest atrocities, we are moved and encouraged by the millions of Europeans – and people from all over the world - who have expressed solidarity in defence of our shared democratic values of free speech, tolerance, equality and human rights.

As the leaders of Europe’s major cities, we work on a daily basis with our citizens to improve understanding and awareness of other cultures. Cooperation and exchange between cities, as we practice in our network, support these efforts.

EUROCITIES members have extensive experience of collaborating to find new and effective ways of promoting social cohesion and improving integration in our society.

We are committed to equal opportunities and non-discrimination, and to respect and care between all citizens. These are the principles that lay the foundations for our open, tolerant and welcoming society of which we as Europeans are proud. 


20 January 2015

EUROCITIES staff contact

Nicola Vatthauer