EUROCITIES 2015 Copenhagen/Malmo to focus on 'Living cities'

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This year's EUROCITIES annual conference will focus on the theme 'Living cities - sustainable urban growth and quality of life'.

Our annual conference, taking place on 4-6 November in Copenhagen and Malmo, is an important milestone in the activities of our network, and represents a significant step in our work towards developing an EU urban agenda. At the conference, participants will explore new ways of promoting sustainable economic growth in cities, creating jobs, and improving quality of life for citizens. 

The conference will feature political debates, discovery tours, and the annual EUROCITIES awards, all of which will be shaped around four themes: urban mobility, air quality, employment, and attracting investment to cities. 

This year, we will be introducing a new format for political discussions which will replace our traditional politicians' panel. Instead, four parellel roundtable discussions will take place, allowing us to give a wider platform for political debate on some of our key areas of work. 

Politicians will meet for a private political session, which remains a regular feature in the conference programme. This year, the session will address another key area of our work: climate change. Throughout the year, we will be preparing our position to take forward to the international climate negotiations in Paris this December, where we would like to make a strong case for urban solutions. 

Join us for all this and more at EUROCITIES 2015 Copenhagen/Malmo on 4-6 November. 

EUROCITIES staff contact

Sinead Mullins