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From new urban governance to new public space - second SEISMIC report

We recently published our second SEISMIC project policy watch report, exploring the underpinnings of 'new urban governance' in European cities.


publication date: 26-11-2015

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New urban governance: SEISMIC Policy Watch n°2

The objective of this document is to show what is being discussed and what is being done in cities to find creative solutions to societal issues (social innovation) and to upgrade local governance systems.


publication date: 17-11-2015

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EUROCITIES on better regulation

We argue for significant strengthening of the European Commission's proposals on better regulation, with greater emphasis on the role of cities in the EU and the growing debate on an EU urban agenda.


publication date: 19-10-2015

Better regulation - cities contributing to effective EU policy making

Our response to the Commission's better regulation package


publication date: 09-10-2015

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Don't miss out - register now for EUROCITIES 2015 Copenhagen/Malmo

Make sure to register online for EUROCITIES 2015 Copenhagen/Malmo on 4-6 November.


publication date: 29-09-2015

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WG Creative Citizenship meeting

Creative citizenship is a working group starting in 2015 to work on innovative methods that can process civic engagement to make a positive change in cities.


start date: 15-10-2015
end date: 15-10-2015