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New EU Covenant on Demographic Change

Anne Berit Rafoss from the city of Oslo, chair of our working group on urban ageing, addressed the closing panel of a conference held on 8-9 December on age-friendly environments.


publication date: 05-01-2016

Urban dialogues – migration and asylum in cities

The second in our series of urban dialogues debates focused on the topical issue of migration and asylum in European cities.


publication date: 22-09-2015

Open days 2015 : Inclusion of mobile EU citizens

As part of the 2015 Open Days of the Commitee of Regions, EUROCITIES is organising with the DG Justice of the European Commission a workshop on the inclusion of Mobile EU citizens.


start date: 13-10-2015
end date: 13-10-2015

Cities in action: Supporting older residents in Besiktas

The wellbeing initiative in Besiktas provides older residents with vital services at the touch of a button.


publication date: 17-07-2015