general management

Anna Lisa Boni
Secretary general
Marta Marcuzzi
Membership coordinator & EA to the Sec Gen

communications team

Nicola Vatthauer
Director for events, planning and statutory affairs
Ivo Banek
Communications director
Maurice Bock
Digital communications coordinator
Anthony Colclough
Wilma Dragonetti
Graphic designer
Alex Godson
Media coordinator
Sinead Mullins
Senior communications coordinator
Oumar Ndiaye
IT support

policy development team

Silvia Ganzerla
Policy director
Dorthe Nielsen
Executive director
Federica Bordelot
Policy advisor
Heather Brooks
Policy & project officer
Patricia Couti
Policy advisor
Bianca Faragau-Tavares
Senior policy advisor
Julie Herve
Senior policy advisor
Feyrouz Lajili-Djalai
Project officer
Eugenia Mansutti
Projects coordinator & policy advisor
Aleksandra Olejnik
Policy advisor

projects team

Nathalie Guri
Projects and knowledge sharing director
Arianna Americo
Project & forum coordinator
Juan Caballero
Project coordinator
Matilde Chinellato
Project coordinator
Anja Katalin De Cunto
Project coordinator & Policy advisor
Brooke Flanagan
Project coordinator
Cecile Houpert
Project coordinator
Bernadett Koteles-Degrendele
Project coordinator
Jerome Schuman
Events and campaign officer
Peter Staelens
Senior project coordinator

hr and finance team

Olivier Baeselen
Finance, HR and office manager
Guillermo Alvarez Garcia
Programme officer - finance and administration
Patricia De Wouters
HR & office coordinator
Elisa Granfatti
Administrative support