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The WG members aim to ensuring all citizens are provided with access to high-quality services, which are efficient, reliable and affordable, and which contribute to the shared values of solidarity, social and territorial cohesion and sustainable development.The main issues they deal with are: provision of public services, public procurement, concessions, state aid, and trade agreements such as TISA (Trade in Services Agreement).

The working group examines issues relating to cities’ financing, organisation and delivery of public services.
Main achievements from 2019:
Achievement 1:
- Contribution to the Urban Agenda Partnership on Innovative & Responsible Public Procurement : especially actions 1 Procurement strategy, 2 Legal Handbook and 7 Funding.
Achievement 2:
- Big Buyers Initiative with ICLEI - members participation to Workshop on Electric Vehicles and WS on Circular Contruction Materials.
Achievement 3:
- Advocay : Participation of cities to the EC Consultations on State Aid Regulation and de minimis Regulation.
Specific objectives for 2020 are:
Objective 1:
- Making the most of Cities' Public Services to reach "the Green Deal" (through State Aids & Public Procurement).
How do you want to achieve it?
1) Advocacy activities: Follow up of the ‘Fitnesscheck’ and working on a common approach on state aid.
2) Cooperation and knowledge exchange with other EUROCITIES working groups: WG innovation, WG Housing and WG Food, possible joint meetings, on the topics of PP of innovation, food procurement, and state aids and housing.
3) Capitalisation of the actions developed in the UA Partnership on PP: sharing on the action results and organisation of a training session on how to create a public procurement strategy in cities.
4) Follow up and capitalise on the Big Buyers Initiative results, possible open training on circular public procurement.
5) Contribute to possible new EUROCITIES projects on PCP and PPI under COSME and/or Horizon2020.
Objective 2:
- Lobbying for the protection of SGIs in the FTA.
How do you want to achieve it?
- Monitoring of public services challenges in cities due to the Free Trade Agreements.
Which EUROCITIES strategic objectives are your objectives contributing to?
- Fight urban poverty and social exclusion;
- Ensure access to adequate and affordable housing;
- Deliver quality public services, accessible to all;
- Support inclusive local labour markets;
- Stimulate the creation of quality jobs;
- Manage disruptive economic business models and trends;
- Support the transition to a circular economy;
- Strengthen sustainable mobility within and beyond cities;
- Promote accessible and clean water;
- Ensure clean air;
- Support the transition towards clean fuels and vehicles;
- Fight climate change and enable the energy transition;
- Tackle rising inequalities;
- Drive digital transformation;
- Promote innovative city government and administration;
- Manage the use of disruptive technologies to transform public services;
- Explore strategic partnerships and the co-creation of public services.


Nicolas Joffraud
European Affairs and public policy


Bogdan Nawrocki
Deputy Director

vice chair

Justin Mai

EUROCITIES staff contact

Aleksandra Olejnik
EUROCITIES Brussels office
Policy advisor