European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) and enlargement

  • cooperation

This working group works to develop and strengthen links with partner cities in European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) countries


Many working group members already have links with cities in the EU neighbourhood, which provides a solid base for cooperation activities within the framework of the ENP.


  • participating in the debate on the formulation of the European Neighbourhood Policy and its accompanying financial instrument (ENPI) and ensuring that local government and the role of cities is taken into consideration as far as possible

  • identifying partner cities in the countries covered by ENP and involving them in an exchange that would enable future activities to be organised, while taking their priorities and preferences into account

  • identifying the specific features and needs of cities in the neighbouring countries and, through exchange and cooperation, contributing to the faster development of core EU democratic values and mechanisms among citizens and local governments of neighbouring countries, strengthening them as democratic partners and encouraging their socio-economic development


Regina Wiala-Zimm
Urban Planner

vice chair

Lika Davitadze
Head of International Relations Division

EUROCITIES staff contact

Marta Marcuzzi
EUROCITIES Brussels office
Membership coordinator & EA to the Sec Gen