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The EuroCult21, or the Urban Cultural Profiles Exchange Project, is a project financed by the European Commission under the 5th Framework Programme for European Research, under the City of Tomorrow and Cultural Heritage initiative.


Eurocult21 is managed and coordinated by EUROCITIES. There are 31 partners of which 22 are cities and eight are universities and academic networks. The project started in February 2003 and will go on till Mars 2005. The aims of the project are to promote discussion on the role of culture in urban governance, to exchange best practices, to identify research and funding needs, to develop innovative cultural strategies and define policy recommendations. In order to reach these objectives, the project is organised in six work packages where the main elements are a training event, ten national workshops and a final event.

other partners:

Athens – EADA, Athens – Kulke, Center of Cultural Policy Study, ENCATC, OPC, Grenoble, University Hagen, University Helsinki, University Weimar