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Cities implementing Housing First in Europe - WG Homelessness mutual learning


When cities are confronted with a dire lack of affordable and social housing, how can they fight homelessness and ensure the right to housing for all?

In Lyon Metropole, ambitious measures are taken to implement Housing First approaches and provide case-by-case solutions to each person in need. A 5-year plan was developed around 3 main strands of action: making more housing available, offering a variety of forms of housing combined with support, and changing mind-sets.

On 24-25 November, the working group homelessness met for an online policy transfer to discuss the key learning points from Lyon’s experience. The 72 participants discovered more in details 3 projects that implement the Housing First approach. They discussed in particular how to provide a variety of solutions to support individual needs, the importance of working in partnership with many stakeholders and service provides, as well as the potential of using private housing to expand the availability of dwellings for Housing First projects.

Besides learning from Lyon, city experts exchanged on how to use the momentum of the covid-19 pandemic to develop new sustainable housing offers for homeless people. Based on the situation in Bristol and the recent homelessness and rough sleeping strategy, participants shared their experience on how to overcome the fatigue that has accumulated during many months of emergency situation.

Finally, the European Commission shared the latest information on the upcoming EU initiatives on homelessness.

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