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Sharing cities: a sharing economy that delivers benefits for citizens

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Our statement on sharing economy highlights the pivotal role that cities have in shaping sharing economy. Indeed, sharing economy has an impact on many urban policies and concerns a range of city competences. As cities, we need to harness the full potential of the sharing economy and to channel its benefits.

Therefore, we would welcome an adjustment of the current regulations to ensure fair and even competition. We need a comprehensive EU framework for the sharing economy, that introduces a clear definition of sharing economy, to protect European values and high standards in term of labour rights, job quality, working conditions, safety, data privacy and protection and consumer protection. This framework must be based on an impact assessment of the sharing economy on EU internal market and competition rules as well as on EU and member states standards for consumer protection, working conditions, safety, hygiene, quality and environment standard.

Lastly, we need a partnership approach at EU level to both seize the opportunities and safeguard our common principles at all level of governance. Our statement invites the Commission to work with cities, member states, social partners and sharing economy business towards a better understanding of the potential impacts, barriers and opportunities related to the sharing economy. This partnership should be in line with the principle of the urban agenda for the EU. 

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