EUROCITIES city leaders agenda for Europe

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EUROCITIES ‘city leaders agenda for Europe’ is a wake up call for those who care about Europe. We believe that urban and European challenges are strongly connected, and that there is a need for a deeper partnership between different levels of government to meet common challenges.


We ask European and national leaders to:

  • strengthen the role of cities within the EU by nominating a vice president in charge of urban affairs in the European Commission
  • adopt and implement the vision of a carbon neutral Europe by 2050, including policies for cleaner and fewer cars in our cities
  • boost the digital transformation across the EU by supporting cities’ efforts to develop, test and scale up digital solutions
  • recognise the vital contribution of cities to the implementation of the European Pillar of Social Rights
  • strengthen our representative democracy with more participative mechanisms, following the example of cities for a citizen focussed future

Read the full document here:

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