KSF Collaboration on European common Smart Communities’ Data Spaces

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Dear colleague,

We would like to invite you to a KSF collaboration to create a cities’ perspective on the realization of a common European smart communities’ dataspace.

The goal of this KSF collaboration is to identify needs and challenges for smart community data spaces from a city point of view, to complement the results of an earlier expert workshop that was organised by the Commission in June this year.

Please express your interest to work on this topic by 26 October by sending an e-mail to nefeli.iliopoulou@eurocities.eu.

To create the deliverable, we will organise two meetings:

28 or 29 October
Discussion of the results of Commission expert workshop on smart communities’ dataspace (final date TBD with participants).

19 or 23 November
Workshop on (local) data sharing.

We are looking forward to working with you on this current topic.

Kind regards,

Daniel Sarasa Funes, WG Data Co-Chair (Zaragoza)

Jayan Areekadan, WG Data Co-Chair (Cologne)


The EU strategy for data and Common dataspaces

Two weeks ago, the European Council officially welcomed the EU Strategy for data which was published in February this year. The strategy mentions the development of nine common European data spaces, facilitating the better use of publicly held data, data sharing by individuals and key organisations.

The European Commission is currently working to contribute to a Green Deal data space by supporting the federation of local data ecosystems for climate-neutral and smart communities in which cities can play a key role.