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MINATEC located in Grenoble has been one of the first innovation campuses created in Europe and during its years of work managed to establish itself as one of the top five micro and nanotechnology innovation campuses in the world.

The idea of the campus was first proposed by Jean Therme in 1999, who recognised the unfulfilled potential of cooperation between technology experts, researchers and academics in the field of engineering. The project was launched in 2002 with the support of the state, regional and departmental governments and the city of Grenoble, as well as other stakeholders and grew to what is now over 180,000 m² of workspace and nine technological platforms to facilitate joint programmes and resource-sharing.
MINATEC serves to over 3,000 researches, 600 businesses and technology experts and 1,200 students, and creates a leading innovation ecosystem on micro and nanotechnology that publishes more than 1,600 academic texts annually and hosts around 400 meetings and seminars and hosts 40,000 visitors every year. Besides its close regional cooperation, MINATEC also works closely with other innovation centers in Europe, the US and Japan.  
The main topics MINATEC deals with are in different areas of micro and nanoelectronics, particularly circuit design, processors, high-capacity memory, sensors, biochips or RF components. Its labs note almost 350 patent applications every year and innovations designed here include biological and chemical testing kits, new generation camera phones and imagers for scientific satellites. 
MINATEC innovation campus is based on the quadruple helix: higher education, research, industry, and cooperative local governments with a specific openness of the programmes towards the general public. All MINATEC projects and activities are overseen by its permanent staff who foster new synergies within the campus and towards residents. They also take care of communications and increases visibility of the campus and its activities internationally. Every year, MINATEC hosts about 40 official delegations.
Quote from Jean-Charles Guibert, director of MINATEC and counsellor for international affairs to the general administrator of the CEA: "MINATEC is recognised by all its international visitors as one of the most accomplished examples of innovation campus."

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