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With triple helix and cross-border cooperation, Lindholmen Science Park develops and supports sustainable innovations in the areas of ICT, transport and media.

Located in the Swedish city of Gothenburg, the Science Park fosters innovative advancements in three interconnected areas: mobile internet, transport systems and intelligent vehicles, and media and design. Collaborating with academia and the public on innovative solutions for the future, 250 companies including Volvo, Ericsson and IBM concentrate their work and over 10,000 employees in this most knowledge-intensive part of Gothenburg. Moreover, the park has set an ambitious goal of acquiring over 30,000 workers, residents and students by 2020, to contribute to its growth and technology expertise.
Lindholmen Science Park has established ties not only with local and regional partners, but is cooperating with stakeholders from different countries, organisations and competences throughout Europe. Through its companies, the park has participated in a number of European projects, such as ‘Drive Me – self-driving cars for sustainable mobility’ - the world’s first large-scale autonomous driving pilot project, or ‘SWIFTLY Green’ which works on the toolkit for green corridors. 
The most significant part of the park is its Open Arena Lindholmen - a collaborative space and a base for all projects being developed, where experts, students, researchers and companies meet for knowledge sharing and find opportunities for joint actions. The place offers advanced IT infrastructure and space for the development of new initiatives. Currently, eight programmes or projects are executed in the Open Arena, including Security, Safety, Media Arena and TUCAP.
The Science Park was established back in 2000 and its shareholders come from backgrounds such as Chalmers University of Technology, the city of Gothenburg and numerous industries including Volvo, Saab or Telenor. Both Chalmers University and the University of Gothenburg have decided to set up their units in the area, further strenghtening the park's triple helix approach.

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