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EUROCITIES is holding the spring meeting of the Social Affairs Forum online on 27 May.

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly changed the way we are living and working, but has also shown the value of solidarity and resilience in our cities. EUROCITIES is adapting to new ways of working online during the pandemic to continue supporting cities to get informed, stay connected, share know-how and good practices and work together despite the closed borders. Our network of cities remains active and committed more than ever.   

We have re-arranged our Social Affairs Forum meeting this spring to take place online while the physical SAF meeting in Zagreb is postponed to autumn (dates to be confirmed and announced on 27 May). 

Why join?  

Join us for a special political debate in SAF to discuss 'How can we mitigate the socio-economic impact of COVID-19 crisis in our cities and plan for an inclusive recovery?’ We have invited European Commissioner Nicolas Schmit in charge of Jobs and Social Rights to join this political debate with SAF politicians and we are waiting for his confirmation. 

The political debate will be followed by our SAF business meeting giving members the opportunity to:

  • Get informed about EUROCITIES latest initiatives, SAF and WG activities planned for 2020 and the EU social agenda of policy initiatives for 2020-2021
  • Get connected with other cities in SAF by discussing common challenges in mitigating the socio-economic impact of COVID-19 crisis 
  • Get active to contribute with feedback to our advocacy actions to the EU institutions

Watch the video invitation from our SAF chair and our SAF vice-chair.

Registration and further information

Registration is mandatory. To attend, please register here: You will receive an email with the link to connect online on the day. The meeting will be recorded and the recording will be shared afterwards.

You can find the final agenda below and some handy briefings to help your preparation for the SAF meeting.

   Final_agenda_Social_Affairs_Forum_online_27_Maydownload/preview this file
    1_EUROCITIES_strategic_framework_and_work_programme_2020download/preview this file
    2_EUROCITIES_progress_report_-_Strategic_framework_and_WP2020download/preview this file
    3_SAF_activity_report_Jan-May_2020download/preview this file
    4_SAF_advocacy_plan_for_2020download/preview this file
    5_Calendar_SAF_activities_in_2020download/preview this file
    6 Policy_briefing_on_EU_financial_support_to_fight_COVID-19_updated_24_April_download/preview this file
    7_Recovery_and_resilience_EUROCITIES_2020_road_mapdownload/preview this file
    8_ESPR_campaign_overviewdownload/preview this file
    9_EUROCITIES_WG_reports_and_work_plans_2020download/preview this file
    10_SAF_steering_committee_composition_2020download/preview this file
    11_EUROCITIES_overview_of_social_measures_in_cities_to_respond_to_COVID-19download/preview this file
    12_EUROCITIES_overview_of_city_measures_to_mitigate_the_socio-economic_impact_of_COVID-19_download/preview this file
    Infographic_city_pledges_to_EPSR_updated_27_May_2020download/preview this file

EUROCITIES staff contact

Bianca Faragau-Tavares