Urban Ageing


This working group (WG) is dedicated to raise awareness and improve strategies for age-friendly environments in cities. By focusing on sharing good practices on active and healthy ageing, the cities work on preventing the pressure of demands of an ageing population. The group also aims to contribute with the cities’ perspective to the EU active and healthy ageing agenda.

In 2019, the group agreed on the following objectives:

  • Continue to engage in policy dialogue concerning urban ageing in EU, through participation by WG members in EU projects and thematic conferences, workshops and debates. The WG will also contribute to relevant policy statements or press releases when necessary.
  • Continue to strengthen the WG’s existing and new members through relevant WG meetings, site visits, exchanges of good practices and project collaboration.
  • Continue collaboration with the World Health Organisation on urban ageing under the auspices of the global network of age-friendly cities and communities.
  • Build capacity of cities to develop and improve municipal strategies for accessibility in line with the EU Accessibility Act.
  • Increase the active ageing and the social inclusion for old people in the cities part of the WG.
  • Continue to build capacity in cities on how to become age-friendly cities, potentially through a guide/module.

The activities foreseen for 2019 are:

  • Continue working with the EC on active and healthy ageing, through the EIP on Active and Healthy ageing where EUROCITIES is a member of action group D4 on age-friendly environments.
  • Policy updates from EU/International level on topic of ageing.
  • Webinar on how to engage cities in European Semester.
  • Implement ESPON project (facilitate other cities` participation)
  • ‘Mapping ageing in European cities’ document, updating and expanding current document
  • Recruit more cities to the WG and WHO age-friendly network and continue cooperation with the European innovation partnership on active and healthy ageing (EIP-AHA);


WG will meet in:

1. Ljubljana, 12-14 June for a policy transfer on building accessible cities for all ages. The WG Barrier-free city is invited to attend the meeting.

2. Ghent, November, on showcasing the care innovation project for old people. Explore ICT solutions for active ageing and social inclusion. Open also to WG Smart Social Inclusion and Knowledge Society Forum. 


Anne Berit Rafoss
Special adviser