Smart Social Inclusion


This working group (WG) focuses on efficient budget spending for better and innovative social outcomes, and on cities' role in promoting social entrepreneurship and social economy. The members of the group are exploring smarter investments and innovative solutions to reduce the public spending and the high demand for social services.

The main focus of the WG is on:
1. Benefit from change, innovation and disruptive technological and societal trends.
2. Change management and implementing change.
3. Innovation in governance and administrative reform for cities.
4. Data and evidence collection on trends in social inclusion at local level.
5. Fomenting social enterprise — supportive frameworks, ecosystems, capacity building, brokerage, facilitation (see support for implementing change). 
Social enterprise understood as: a) A way to provide new solutions and services. b) An element of a city’s economic, investment (making and attracting it) and employment strategy. 
The work plan for 2020 
Objective 1 - Promoting social economy and private investments in social aims
How do you want to achieve it?
-          Exchange of good practice: Organise a working group meeting in Madrid (spring) on social impact bonds
-          Create synergies between forums by collaborating with EDF
EU policy to follow: EU Action plan on social economy
Objective 2 - Building capacity for cities to deal and benefit of disruptive technologies in order to enable social change
How do you want to achieve it?
-          Exchange of good practice: Organise a working group meeting (autumn) on disruptive technologies in social services, focusing on concrete emerging challenges at local level – eg. ‘adopting platform sharing technology to improve special needs transport’.
-          Create synergies between forums and working groups by collaborating with KSF and inviting the WG citizens engagement to contribute.
Objective 3 – Build capacities of the working group on policy and further development its activity
How do you want to achieve it?
-          Update the report on ‘the role of cities in promoting social entrepreneurship’ in collaboration with the economic development forum
-          Draft a strategy on the 4 main topics covered by the working group Smart Social Inclusion (change management and implementing change, disruptive technologies, innovations in governance and administrative reforms, activating private fund for social objectives) during the meeting in autumn
-          Collaborate with experts from different organisations (EIB, EU, OECD, NESTA) to support the work of the working groups in these 4 priority areas
WG meetings in 2020:
1. WG meeting in Madrid, in June, on social impact bonds. POSTPONED - due to coronavirus outbreak. 
2. Webinar in June on Social Impact Bonds. 
3. Zagreb, November, during the Social Affairs Forum.


Kris Luijsterburg
Adviser International Affairs & European funding

vice chair

Tomasz Pactwa
Deputy Director of the European Funds Department

EUROCITIES staff contact

Patricia Couti
EUROCITIES Brussels office
Policy advisor