Long term investment

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This working group will focus on how to use financial instruments, develop investments projects and promote the exchange of the best practices in supporting investments in cities

Main achievements from 2019:
Achievement 1:
-Policy statement ‘European cities as drivers for investment’.
Achievement 2:
-Analysis Evaluation of the effects of the Maastricht deficit and debt level, ESA 2010 and EUROSTAT, on city finances”.
Achievement 3:
-Stakeholders interventions during high-level events in EP and CoR.
-Collecting case studies on public private partnership (PPP) and financial schemes.
Specific objectives for 2020 are:
Objective 1:
- Influence European institutions towards a Green Deal that is suited for cities.
How do you want to achieve it?
- Promote innovative city government and administration.
- Ensure the financial sustainability of cities.
- Manage the use of disruptive technologies to transform public services.
- Strengthen public participation in decision making.
- Explore strategic partnerships and the co-creation of public services.
- Promote gender equality and fight all discrimination.
- Plan for the cities of the future.
Objective 2:
- Being a core group of EUROCITIES dealing with investments for European cities, connect and work with other WGs.
How do you want to achieve it?
- Stakeholder Interventions, meeting with European Union institutions.
- Cooperation with European institutions and core stakeholders: European Parliament(EP), European Commission (EC); especially Directorate General for Economic and Financial Affairs (DG ECFIN), European Investment Bank (EIB), EUROSTAT, European Committee of the Regions (CoR), European Association of Long-Term Investors (ELTI), Intergroups in EP working on urban development and investments.
- Presentation of lessons learnt and transferability of the innovative financing schemes (results from work with H2020 PROSPECT).
- Work on synergies with Covenant of Mayors.
Which EUROCITIES strategic objectives are your objectives contributing to?
- Ensure access to adequate and affordable housing;
- Promote the attractiveness of cities for people, business andinvestments;
- Tackle mismatches in local skills and future needs;
- Support the transition to a circular economy;
- Strengthen sustainable mobility within and beyond cities;
- Promote safe, connected and sustainable urban mobility;
- Support the transition towards clean fuels and vehicles;
- Promote culture as a tool for social sustainability;
- Regenerate and design open and inspiring public spaces for and withpeople;
- Strengthen safety and security in public spaces;
- Promote innovative city government and administration;
- Ensure the financial sustainability of cities;
- Explore strategic partnerships and the co-creation of public services;
- Plan for the cities of the future.


Bogdan Nawrocki
Deputy Director

vice chair

Max Kunnemann
Financial researcher

EUROCITIES staff contact

Aleksandra Olejnik
EUROCITIES Brussels office
Policy advisor