This working group (WG) focuses on the role of social and affordable housing in fostering social cohesion in cities. The main issues addressed by the WG are the affordable housing, social housing and housing for vulnerable groups, mixed-use urban developments, housing and social cohesion, urban regeneration and rehabilitation of existing housing stock. Using the transfer of knowledge and know-how, cities focus on new and innovative forms of partnerships and finance models for investment in affordable housing.

In 2019, the working group has the following objectives:
  • Contribute to the realization of the action plans of Urban Agenda for EU - partnership on affordable housing.  
  • Develop the partnership and exchange of practices between the cities members of the WG housing.
  • Continue the advocacy on housing at EU level, by building the capacity and engaging cities part of the WG housing in EU processes

The activities planned by the WG are:

  •  Activities to promote the action plans of the EU Housing Partnership, including an EUROCITIES endorsement on the 'Urban Agenda for the EU partnership on affordable housing' actions plan.
  • Joint project on URBACT-Call "Action Planning Network" for better social and affordable housing on local level.
  • Contribution to EUROCITIES statement on the future of social Europe, on the housing topic.
  • Pledges to European Pillar for Social Rights on principle 19 'housing and assistance for the homeless', as part of the 'Inclusive cities for all' campaign.
  • EU Semester contribution from the cites of WG housing.
WG meetings in 2019:
1. Lyon, 6 June, during International Social Housing Festival.
2. Ghent, 20-22 November on standards for housing in public and private construction.


Susanne Bauer
Senior policy advisor

vice chair

Javier Buron
Director of Housing Department

EUROCITIES staff contact

Patricia Couti
EUROCITIES Brussels office
Policy advisor