working groups for environment

Each forum is able to set up a certain number of working groups and task forces focusing on specific policy issues. Each working group has a specific objective, scope and mandate for example preparing a position paper on a particular topic or managing activities such as a European project or campaign.

Each working group consists of individuals, nominated by member cities, who are considered as having relevant knowledge and expertise. Each working group is chaired by a member city, which is also responsible for reporting back to the relevant forum on the results achieved.

A task force can be set up to address issues with a more limited scope. The task force is a temporary group that has a specific mandate, scope, timeframe and strategic purpose.

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Air quality, climate change & energy efficiency

This working group addresses air quality, climate change and energy efficiency issues affecting European cities.

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Green areas and biodiversity

This working group addresses issues of urban biodiversity and management related to green areas

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This working group supports our members in the implementation of European directives relating to the assessment and management of urban noise

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This working group provides city input to the EU circular economy package and helps members in the implementation of circular economy practices. It also offers a platform for best practice exchange on...

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This working group provides a platform for members to exchange innovative and sustainable solutions to manage the quantity and quality of surface and ground water in urban area.