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URBAN-NEXUS is an FP7 project that aims to enable knowledge transfer and dialogue to form long-lasting partnerships in and between cities and regions to deal with integrated sustainable urban development.

URBAN-NEXUS will develop a Strategic Dialogue & Partnership Framework to organise a long-term collaboration with stakeholders in relation to the key dimensions of sustainable urban development:

  • Urban Climate Resilience
  • Health and Quality of Life
  • Competing for Urban Land
  • Integrated Urban Management
  • Integrated Data and Information

In order to achieve a sustainable city, a vast range of interconnected issues need to be linked up: these include environment and urban planning, energy, water scarcity, transport, tourism, technology and innovation, governance and education, social equity and cohesion, and sustainable consumption. Cities in Europe today must respond to this variety of sometimes conflicting demands. Our URBAN-NEXUS conceptual framework provides the basis for ordering and prioritisation of the various elements, highlighting the strategically critical elements, and also providing principles to define the interconnectedness of all elements.

As a Coordination and Support Action, URBAN-NEXUS will focus on combining existing knowledge into useful and shared 'integration perspectives'. Through these integration perspectives URBAN-NEXUS will identify which practices and innovations from various policy fields can be combined with the practices and innovations from other policy fields to create integrated and viable solutions for more sustainable cities. Moreover, URBAN-NEXUS seeks to promote long-term strategic partnerships that respond to the dynamics of self-organising governance and that act as platforms to bring forward the integration perspectives.


Project websitehttp://urban-nexus.eu/