PEPESEC- Partnership Energy Planning as a tool for realising European Sustainable Energy Communities

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PEPESEC is a project led by the City of Manchester and funded by Intelligent Energy Europe, which aimed to support the development of sustainable energy communities. PEPESEC improved energy planning methodologies and developed innovative techniques to facilitate the involvement of politicians, citizens, market actors and other key stakeholders.

Together with the rest of the PEPESEC consortium, EUROCITIES worked on identifying, analysing and sharing expertise in terms of new approaches to energy planning at city region level. This task led to the creation of an on-line knowledge base of case studies on energy planning. In addition, PEPESEC organised study visits to several partner cities to enhace the local knowledge and to improve the level of engagement of key stakeholders.




Other partners:

Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council (UK), Thessaloniki (GR), Manchester Knowledge Capital (UK), Skane Energy Agency (SE), Exallon (GR), Polish Foundation for Energy Efficiency (PL) and Polish Institute for Sustainable Development (PL).