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COLLECTORS will help our members to implement best practice waste collection systems.

COLLECTORS is working with cities, municipalities and regions to collect data on waste collection systems which address any or all of the following waste streams:
  • paper and packaging waste
  • waste electronic and electrical equipment
  • construction and demolition waste

This data will be used to develop a comprehensive database of 252 collection systems, which will then be made available to cities, municipalities and regions to search when they are considering improvements to their waste collection systems. The data will also be used to identify 12 best practice case studies which will be developed in greater detail, to support cities in decision-making.

Best practices are shared through several capacity-building activities open to city officers, including workshops and webinars, to further increase the level of technical and operational expertise among waste experts.
For more information on COLLECTORS, please visit the project website.
To discuss the topic of societal acceptance and public participation in waste management, the COLLECTORS project invites you to an international conference, co-organised and hosted by the City of Warsaw, on 26 June 2019 in Warsaw: more information here

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