CASCADE - Cities exchanging on local energy leadership

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CASCADE is a networking and mutual learning project on local energy leadership. It supports cities in delivering the European Union 2020 targets for energy and climate change.

Led by EUROCITIES, CASCADE aimed to improve the implementation of sustainable energy policies in large and medium European cities. Building on our experience of ‘peer-to-peer’ exchanges, CASCADE activities focused on three main areas:

  • Energy efficiency in buildings & districts;
  • Renewable energy sources & distributed energy generation; and
  • Energy in urban transport



Over the course of three years, the project has inspire improvements in the implementation of sustainable energy policies through three ‘cascading’ levels of high quality networking and mutual learning activities:

  1. In depth peer learning visits among partner cities
  2. Study tours, mentoring and work shadowing visits
  3. Regional and national networking


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Other partners

Koucky & Partners and Wuppertal Institute.