What's hot at the EU Week of Regions and Cities?

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We are busy at this year’s European Week of Regions and Cities, from 7-10 October, making sure there are plenty of sessions that meet the needs and interests of our member cities. There is a lot to choose from, so here’s a quick run-down of the sessions to look out for.

Looking for  EU funding?

Looking to get funding, develop an international community and contribute to EU policy in an area of your interest? Our project training for members on 7 October from 13:30–18:00 will give you the ins and outs of how to bring your project ideas from seed to flowering, to producing fruit. Register here, and remember, you must be logged in to see this event.

Our doors are open

We will be opening our doors here on Square de Meeûs at EUROCITIES HQ on the afternoon of 8 October. Drop by for a coffee and find out what’s going on under the hood at your dedicated city network. We’ll be giving members the inside scoop on smart cities and data; cohesion policy and the Urban Agenda; and climate, plastics and the Covenant of Mayors.

Regional development funds

Interested in strengthening cohesion policy? Check out this side event on 8 October from 15:00-19:00 from the ANCI and Molise Region that capitalises on the experience of Italian cities using European Regional Development Funds to deliver insights about local, regional and national cooperation. Register with an email to s.dantonio@anci.it.

Politicians adapt

We have already seen how extreme temperatures and weather events dues to climate change are taking their toll on our cities. Now we bring you training designed specifically for local politicians to raise their awareness of adaptation issues. The training will provide information on what adaptation means for cities, raise awareness of the costs of inaction, and provide knowledge of the co-benefits of adaptation actions. Indecision is a costly decision, so join us along with the European Commission's DG CLIMA, the city of Denmark and Carbone 4 on 9 October from 11:30-13:00 by clicking here.

Culture key to smart specialisation

We know that cities need to be more deeply engaged by the smart specialisation strategies (RIS3), and cultural heritage is an area where this link could and should be made. Find out how at this group discussion, facilitated by local experts, to be introduced by a representative of the European Commission’s DG Research and Innovation, organised by our ROCK project on cultural heritage on 9 October from 9.15-10.45.

Participation everywhere

A participatory lab, the Interreg MED Piazza Piazza offers the experience of a holistic and multi-stakeholder policymaking process through the participation in interactive activities, such as games and debates focusing on strategies for a greener, smarter and more connected future for Europe. Sign up here to wander through the civic parliament, the bar terrace, construction site and playground with our president Anna Lisa Boni from 11.30-13.00 on 9 October.

A digital boost

A strong contender for this timeslot is ‘Boosting the upscale of digital solutions,’ also from 11.30-13.00 on 9 October. Here, we will present initiatives from Brainport Eindhoven and Umbria to see how cities can provide answers to major social challenges in mobility, energy and social inclusion. What is DigiPASS, and how does it empower citizens and stimulate the digital transition? Join us and DG CONNECT to find out.

Security is local

Oh, the tyranny of choice! The final contestant for your attention during this same timeslot will be the one to go for if security in public spaces is high on your agenda. Organised by Nice, this session will be a discussion on the role of local authorities in security policy, based on the findings of the Urban Agenda partnership, from innovation to security by design. Register here.

Future focus with cohesion policy

Once you’ve enjoyed your lunch, we’ll be ready with some more food for thought: What will the future of cities be, and how can cohesion policy empower cities to shape the future of Europe? We will investigate the answers to this question with the mayor of Gijon at ‘The future of cities’ on 9 October from 14.30-16.00. Join us to define the future together.

Or could economic disparity between places be what defines our future for us? This overlapping session, on 9 October from 14.30-17.00 takes a different slant on the future of Europe with ‘A new territorial narrative.’ With the European Spatial Planning Observation Network and some freshly-(re)elected MEPs, we will present four scenarios for tackling inequality, one of which will end up being the guiding narrative of EU policy from 2020 onwards. Come and have your say.

Get to work

Are you looking for a well-functioning labour market and social security system? The European Pillar of Social Rights could provide the tools, but to do so, effective multi-level governance will be prerequisite. See how it’s done, and contribute to the Commission’s country reports, and thus future policy, at this event with the mayor of Ghent on 10 October from 11.30-13.00.

Developing together

What is the European Urban Initiative, and how can it guide cohesion policy towards supporting the needs of cities? The last chance we will offer you this week to get behind the wheel of cohesion policy with the Urban Development Network and DG REGIO will be this session, also on 10 October from 11.30-13.00, on coherent support for cities and strengthening integrated participatory approaches to sustainable urban development.

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