Urban Native Forest - Porto's case study

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Porto’s Urban Native Forest – afforestation and forest protection

Case study: Porto’s Urban Native Forest initiative

How to develop an urban forest, from identifying the space and planting the right trees, to involving other stakeholders and raising awareness of the cultural and historical importance of trees and their protection.

THURSDAY 18 MARCH @ 10.00 – 12.30 CET

Join us for this workshop in which we take a deep-dive into one case study – that of Porto’s native forest planting initiative.

Together, we’ll delve into the different branches of this initiative, from identifying the space to develop an urban forest to engaging other stakeholders in planting in their back garden. Bring your examples of citizen and private stakeholder engagement and let’s share different methods of getting others onboard with planting the right trees and shrubs.

Following an interactive exploration and discussion of Porto’s case study, we’ll work to analyse the case study and consider how it could be replicated in other cities across Europe. What are the barriers to developing urban forests? What were the key success factors and lessons learnt from Porto’s case study?

We’ll share all your information on our new members platform when ready (in April) to kick-start your planting revolution! In the meantime, we’ll ensure you have access to everything via email and on our old website.

So are you ready? Complete the below short template (remember to login BEFORE clicking on the link) with your example and share them with Heather Brooks (heather.brooks@eurocities.eu) ahead of the meeting – don’t forget to bring these examples with you! We’ll discuss these throughout the day.