So many e-bikes in Tel Aviv!

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From 11 to 13 November 2019 representatives from Graz, Helsinki, Valencia, Alba Iulia, Bratislava and Prague got the opportunity to exchange about mobility innovation and micro-mobility strategies with their peers in Tel Aviv.

On a strategic level participant exchanged about their respective transport plans. Tel Aviv’s strategic transport plan has a strong sustainable mobility dimension and sets high goals in terms of traffic division. On a practical level the enforcement centre is there to ensure the enforced bus lanes on main radial routes. To foster modal shift Tel Aviv introduced a municipal car sharing system Auto-Tel alongside the Bike Share system –Tel-O-Fun. The Traffic Control Centre, located on the roof of the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality`s Engineering Administration, is where all the city`s traffic is monitored. During the visit, the engineers and the operators explained how they solve different transportation problems, various malfunctions, traffic-related incidents, and the Israeli driver's temperament.

Innovation is at the core of Tel Aviv’s strategy.  That’s why a whole area of the city – the CityZone Innovation lab - has been created with municipal support to foster research and piloting of urban solutions. The CityZone Innovation lab and urban testing ground forms a comprehensive open innovation ecosystem for smart city ventures, CityZone hosts startups, multinationals, and policymakers in its living lab, innovating in real-time, under real-city conditions.

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