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Packaging & Packaging Waste Policy Statement

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Part of the Circular Economy Action Plan, the Commission announced the modernisation of some pieces of the waste legislation. First one to come is the legislation on packaging & packaging waste.

Today packaging design does not sufficiently consider the difficulties of treating and separating packaging waste. This increases sorting costs for city authorities.The new legislation needs to include requirements at the product design phase to make packaging ready for reuse and recycling.

Eurocities calls for all types of packaging placed on the EU market to be reusable or recyclable by 2030. In addition, recycled content targets are needed for packaging: it will boost demand for secondary materials from recycled packaging and reduce the environmental impact of the production of new packaging virgin materials. Cities also encourage the Commission to extend the scope of Extended Producer Responsibility as an essential aspect of efficient waste management.

Please find our full statement enclosed for further detail.

Eurocities will respond to the online public consultation which closes on 6 January 2020. 

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