Open Mic Sessions – let’s collaborate!

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All right stop, collaborate, and listen – a new framework for developing collaborative initiatives

Have you got a project, initiative, or idea that you’d like to develop and work on with colleagues from different cities? Is it an idea that would benefit from collaborating with colleagues from other WGs in the environment forum or other forums within Eurocities? We’ve got just the platform and contacts you need! 

What is an Open Mic Session?

Open Mic Sessions are designed to offer a space for you to pitch ideas for collaboration and connect with like-minded cities. Sessions will be organised over an hour in which you can present a proposal for a collaborative project, measure or initiative, and arranged once we’ve received at least 3 proposals, collected on an ongoing basis. We’ll invite the relevant cities from our WGs or other forums. You have 5 minutes to pitch your idea, another 5 minutes to respond to questions and then cities can register their interest to collaborate on your proposal. You’re ideas,  shared with like-minded cities. 

Here’s the lowdown …

Step One

Cities with a proposal for collaborative work complete a one-page concept note – template below – that details an outline of the idea, aims, stakeholders (which WGs), and timeline 

Step Two

This concept note is shared by email with the ENVI team (these will be uploaded on the new members platform when available); once 3 proposals have been submitted, an Open Mic session is organised

Step Three

Open Mic session

  • Other WGs and Forums invited (as relevant and possible)
  • Introduction by relevant WG chairs (introducing concept of Open Mic)
  • 5-minute pitch of proposal (2 slides) per initiative
  • 5-minute Q&A following each pitch
  • Live vote: cities express interest to participate in proposed initiative(s)

Step Four

Wrap up of session

  1. Proposal slides shared
  2. Deadline to show interest given

Step Five

ENVI officer and proposal ‘author’ meet to discuss next steps, clarify Eurocities role

Step Six

ENVI officer creates collaboration space on new members platform

Step Seven

Proposal ‘author’ arranges meeting with interested cities to outline next steps, ENVI officer joins


We’ll be gathering proposals on an ongoing basis throughout the year. Learn more, access the template, and check out guidelines below (available after login). So, it’s over to you. Send us your concrete proposals for collaboration and let’s get to work. Got any questions? Contact