EEF: people and planet for the green transition (28-30 April)

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We are delighted to announce the theme of our EEF hosted online by Porto and Guimaraes as “people and planet for a green transition”. Join us for three mornings between 28, 29 and 30 April as we discuss what it means to transition to a healthy and thriving city for all, explore case studies and analyse how we can achieve the status of a thriving city moving forward.  

Registrations will open very soon. Watch this space! A hint of what’s to come? Oh alright… 

Driving the green transition through recovery 

Wednesday 28 April @ 09.30-13.30 CET 

What does it mean to have a ‘green transition’? How can we use recovery strategies to drive the green transition?  

Join us as we explore what is means to transition, hold a high-level political debate on driving the transition through recovery and network with our cities to learn how we can localise the European Green Deal through a city showcase (open call – got something to showcase? Get in touch!).  

How to enact the green transition locally  

Thursday 29 April @ 09.30-12.20 CET 

How are cities using recovery to push the green agenda? What tools are available for transitioning to a healthy and thriving city?   

Visit Porto from the comfort of your own home, delve into workshops analysing recovery strategies built around a framework to drive the green transition and explore methods for linking local financial budgets to natural resource use.  

Local power and strategies for the green transition  

Friday 30 April @ 09.30-12.30 CET 

How can we build coalitions, break the silos and work across boundaries to drive the transition?  

Hop over to Guimaraes this morning, join our workshops exploring the power of local authorities to drive greener markets, learn how political commitment can drive the transition in your city, and join our session on financing the green transition.  

For further details, please find below a draft agenda (after login).


How is your city transitioning?! Send us a photo and short description to add to the gallery of cities in transition: